Holy Shit…this is real!!

“If you can dream it, You can do it”

~Walt Disney


Elevation map and details of the VT 100

Well, I took the first step in my 100 mile running dream…..I signed up for the VT 100! My palms were sweaty and my heart was pounding…a wee bit crazy, I know….. but I had all this adrenaline pumping through me as my fingers clicked checkout on RegRun.  Click…”You’re all registered for the VT 100″ “AHHHHHHHH…..Holy Shit, this is real!!”

My training isn’t going as planned so far.  When does anything in life really stick to “the plan?”.  I did something to my ankle about 12 days ago. I was running along smoothly, about nine miles into my first loop of 12 miles, it was suppose to be a 20 mile day.  All of a sudden I had this weird pain on the outside of my ankle, no “Ah-Ha” moment of rolling it or awkward step.  I was running with Guy and I told him the sensation I was having.  It was like something was catching in my mid ankle and tender to the outside to the touch . A feeling I’ve never had. I know broken bone pain and I do feel I have a high threshold to pain, so this was a “weird pain” not a “cry pain”.  We walked for a bit and I stopped to stretch it.  We continued on slowly for the last three miles to our house (our house was going to be the quick pit stop before the next eight mile loop).  I got back, took a seat on my yoga mat and did some more stretching.  My calves were pretty tight, as they generally are since being in my Altra’s, which I read comes with the territory of running in a zero drop shoe.  For the most part, besides some tightness here and there at the beginning of a run, I have felt the best I have, both physically and mentally in a LONG time.  So this was a bit of a shock, to say the least, especially since it came out of nowhere.  I was on day 11 of my Winter Warrior Challenge, boo…..my longest running streak ended there.  I iced it, elevated, iced.  My son was already getting his heel looked at the next day, so I was able to jump in after his appointment to get a quick X-ray.  I figured it would be a great starting point.  X-ray was clean, phew, but as I was told (and read online…..lots and lots of googling on stress fractures) a stress fracture may not show up right away.  I let the PA (who is also a family friend) know my plans and dreams for the third weekend in July.  So, he put me in a walking boot and said REST, REST and more REST, until I see you in ten days.


Frozen cranberries are the best ice pack

So of course, I’m bumming…..but it does feel a lot better to walk on it now, but not perfectly normal to want to run on it yet.  I’m going to see my Chiropractor, Beth  tomorrow, who I have so much faith in.  She knows the “whole” body so well. Hoping she may have some insight. Before I really delve back into training, I’m thinking I may need an MRI. Mostly because I’ve had two different sets of  X-rays ten days apart that are both clean, but I don’t feel 100%.  I think we live and learn from mistakes.  I switched shoes back in November.   I’ve always run in Asics with ZERO issues, chirping that I’ve have no leg problems, nada, it’s usually  my stomach!!  So I will be going back to my Asics, whom I have a new appreciation for…BIG TIME!!!!!

Six months out.  Not my ideal way to start the official training off, but right now I feel I have time still.  I’m grateful that I know my body well enough to stop when things feel odd and be patient in the healing progress, God knows I learned how to do that with the kick injury I endured almost two years ago.  I need lots of good mojo from all my friends and family…..and I hope to be back on the trails soon!!!

In the meantime, I’m reading such a great book!!  “Nowhere near first” by Cory Reese.  It is such a great read.  It’s awesome to read a book by a real person, who is not famous, or elite….just someone like you or I.  Funny, heartwarming, crazy stories.  Definitely want to to the R2R2R now!!!!  Uncle Jim, we may be hitting you up for staying at your place sometime.  So want to bring the kids to do this!!! A must read!!!

So the plan is still on….VT 100….If for some reason I am set back and I have to stop my training for a lengthly time, I’ll shoot for the Javelina Jundred or Ghost Train 100, which are both in October of 2017. The VT 100 is my dream one to run first, because I have so many great memories out on those trails with Song (my beloved Morgan gelding), as we shared four VT 100’s and a win together there in 2004 (the year I was four months pregnant with my youngest the day of the race).  I know every turn of that course via horseback,  I tear up just thinking about him, he was a one-of-a kind horse.  I also have so many new memories with Guy, the boys, and Elaine and Christine and so many friends.  I’m looking so forward to sharing the trails with him and many friends near and far. It truly is a magical one.  I’m staying upbeat and positive……that’s what heals!

Until next time..hope to see you on the trails soon,

Krista xoxoxo


The dreaded boot….I’m out of it for now…




4 thoughts on “Holy Shit…this is real!!

  1. We are going to be FINE! In fact we are going to be great. We will continue to nurse our way through January and be back in action! I would get the MRI (if insurance will let you) for piece of mind. You will at least get some answers and give you a blueprint to recovery.


  2. Yes!!! You are totally right!!!!!! It’s the journey we will remember!!! And we will be great!!!! I hope you are feeling better really soon!!!! Not the exact way to start our training, but I’m keeping the dream alive!!! I’m going to get an MRI, so I can stop worrying…plus if it’s is something bad, I want to address it and start the recovery process. Thanks Heather! Keep inspiring!!!! xo


  3. I love that you signed up for this! What an amazing goal! Though I must admit.. I’d probably end up in Margaritaville at around mile 62 and call it a day ;-).

    I switch off between Asics, ÓNs, and most recently, Altras. I agree that the Altras leave my calf area a bit sore. I’m going to a Hoka demo run next week and I’ll let you know what I learn from the vendor about which model is recommended for flat feet! I haven’t seen my friend who has similar foot issues recently, but I may see her tonight and I’ll ask her thoughts on the Hokas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tamra!! Yes M-ville would be a great place to relax!!! It’s a huge, tough, long climb to that aid station!!! I’m so nervous and so excited!!
      I would love to hear more about Hoka’s….esp for flat feet!!!! Probably good to switch it up! Plus I learned my body didn’t like running 11 days in a row…my chiro was not pleased with me 😉 live and learn…
      So pumped about your 25k….looked like a gorgeous trek!!!! Congrats!!! xo


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