Old Man Winter…..

Old Man winter is creeping up on us….It’s been super chilly these day, I do hear a Spring day is ahead of us tomorrow.  Haven’t been running as much as I’d like, but the times I’ve gotten out with friends and family has been much-needed.  We drove up to Hanover, NH and ran on the Storrs Pond trails, so funny for Justin and his buddy to run with his middle school Principal and Associate Principal. They were on their best behavior.  After we enjoyed a bountiful breakfast at Anne’s Country Store, you never leave hungry from there 😉

Another day brought us to the local high school track.  The men and boys were challenging each other to a mile sprint race, I think adding in sprint work to your running regimen is so valuable. I was feeling under the weather with a cold that has lingered for months, so I was game to be time-keeper….. had my iPhone stop watch ready! Three, two, one..GO!!


They all ran with tenacity, giving everything they had! Later we found out it may have been short, not quite the whole 5,280 feet needed, so we have to do a redo….good excuse to get down to the track again. Looking forward to the feeling I get in my lungs while running in the cold, crisp air.  Bring it Old Man Winter, I’m ready! Are you??