Forward Progress…….


“Don’t try to rush the progress..Remember- a step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. Keep Believing.”

~Kara Goucher


Snowy trails…….

I love Kara’s quote above…..makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?  We as humans, tend to want to rush the process, I know I tend to. Hurry up and move onto the next thing.   I’m working on slowing things down in my life and really enjoying the moments when I’m in them.  I think we all want to achieve that in life, sometimes we let so many worries overwhelm us, when in fact, 99% of that worrying is useless chatter in our heads. Looking to the little moments in life like, seeing a  beautiful hawk fly high above you, hearing the giggles of your kids in the other room as they make a crazy shot in the Nerf hoop, smiling at a random stranger, cozying up by the fire with a loved one, running down a trail listening to a favorite song as you breathe in the cold invigorating air, these are the moments that fuel me.  Make sure you take the time for you and know that whatever goals you have in your life, you can obtain….you may take baby steps, but each forward progress, is one inch closer to your glory.

I know with running, I’m loving the training immensely this year.  Today will mark day ten in my running streak (I’ve never in my life, ran more than two days in a row!!).  I feel surprisingly good!! I thought my legs would be fried, or mentally I wouldn’t want to keep going for days.  Yet, I’m eating it up (and I literally want to eat everything in the fridge and cupboards!!), loving the time in the Vermont fresh air.  Nothing wakes you up like running in temps in the single digits. Which is funny because I was always a huge hater of winter (sometimes wondering how could I be born in a state, in which six months out of the year you are cold!!)…couldn’t stand it.  Would dread winter coming, as early as September.  This year my motto is EMBRACE WINTER!! Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying something you love, you may surprise yourself, you may even enjoy it.

My great friend and training buddy, vttrailgirl  and I, had a blast the other day running. We chewed up 11 miles together, laughing, catching up and of course there were picture moments had….  after our run, she recommended that I try Ultragen Recovery Drink.  We enjoyed a glass of it, as we sat at my kitchen table.  Ultragen says you have a 30 minute “Window of Opportunity” following a hard workout to refuel exhausted muscles and restore energy levels. It has loads of Vitamins, BCAA, Glutamine, Protein, and many more goodies and it’s gluten, lactose free.  This is known to deliver all the nutrients to maximize your recovery, after a hard workout.  I’m going to give it a try.  I ordered the Chocolate flavor, because I can never get enough of chocolate…..I’ll keep you posted on my individual results.


vttrailgirl and I enjoying a selfie break in our 11 mile run….. don’t forget to make your training fun and goofy!

Another great friend who I love running with has a blog kidstrailrunning. She turned me onto to Trevor Hall’s music.  The other day on my 7 miler run, I had Green Mt. State in my earbuds….total goosebumps as I ran down the trail, taking in all this great state has to you VT!! Thanks Jules for sharing your love of this song with me………

I hope you Enjoy it as much as I do ❤ ❤ ❤  …..

Trevor Hall’s “Green Mtn. State” about ours truly…Vermont ❤


Keep pushing, one step at a time…..


My hubs and oldest battled the cold and rocked out 5 miles a few days ago…..WTG!!!

Thanks for following my running journey……look forward to seeing where you go in 2017!! Keep believing……

Until next time,

Happy trails… xoxoxoxo

Krista 🙂

4 thoughts on “Forward Progress…….

  1. I love the motto “Embrace Winter”! Last year I finally accepted that it was going to rain during at least 1/3 of my runs, so I bought the proper gear, made peace with the damp Seattle weather, and now I actually enjoy running in the rain. Before that, I spent the majority of rainy days on the treadmill, which was miserable. I haven’t tried running more than three days in a row, though, for fear of burnout. Reading about your ten day streak makes me want to try running more than 4-5 times per week!

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  2. Tamra, isn’t it amazing when you just let go and embrace something that has bothered you!? You actually get rid of the negative and see all the beauty….I love running in the rain too, my boys do as well…makes you feel alive! I’m happy you are embracing Seattle’s weather, so much better than the dreadmill ;)…Seattle is on my bucket list of city’s to visit!! I signed up for the Winter Warrior Challenge, to run everyday in January! Day 10 done today, 21 more to go! Tomorrow is my 20 miler!!!
    You got this! Go get it!! xo


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