Happiness on the trails with a side order of wind……


“It’s not where you take the trail….it’s where the trail takes you.”


Yesterday was a beautiful bluebird Vermont day, so bright and clear….but wow was it brrrr cold. The wind was a blowin’.  Hubs and I bundled up for one of our favorite run/hikes to the  ‘top of the world’ trail in our town. It starts with a nice climb up a rural back road, luckily it was cold, so the mud had frozen.  Mud season is coming soon in Vermont and there have been cars known to be swallowed up in those ruts!! After a mile and half in, the trail to the ‘top of the world’ is on your left and you wander through the most beautiful forest. A plethora of young and elder maples around you, lots of them tapped for sugaring, yum!


hubs checking out the taps….

It was a nice mix of running and hiking,  I love exploring the woods this time of year, it’s such a different perspective in the winter than the summer.  So happy for the seasons Vermont gives us.




The sound of our shoes atop the snow

how mighty the wind, she’s about to blow

look around you

see the world

open your eyes

your ears

and just BE

let the warmth rush over you

as you run through

Sometimes when I run, different words or poems enter my thoughts..above are some of my thoughts from yesterday.


My hubs touching the sun……I looked back and saw him scale this tree with grace and swiftness….

Our workouts are fun, inspiring, and full of laughter, we like it this way.  I know there will be hard training days ahead, but we always act like kids out there.  We use the time to play and be goofy…talk about our kiddos and what’s going on in their world and whisper the  dreams and adventures we have planned for the second half of our lives.  I love having a partner in life that I can share so much with, we are truly best friends.  It was a great day,  a great run with a great man!

The weekend wasn’t all exploring.  We watched a great flick on Netflix called Finding Traction. WOW!!! An epic adventure of Ultra Runner, Nikki Kimball on her quest to be the fastest human on the 273 miles of Vermont’s Long Trail.  The Long Trail is a bucket list for my family and I as well, but slightly slower on our feet ;).  We’re hoping to finish it in 2 weeks when we tackle it (hopefully in a few years)….check out how long or how little it took Kimball to finish it.  A home-grown Vermont girl who is truly inspiring!!!

I’m also fundraising two ways for the Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport during my VT 100 hundred mile journey. Donate to Vermont Adaptive via my 100 mile journey and with Red Horse and Co. Runner’s High Bracelet sales. Check out Runner’s High Bracelet. 50% of the proceeds will go to Vermont Adaptive. Thank you to all the people who have donated thus far.  I really appreciate it and will give my all for you during those 100 miles, and will think of you with each step…… HUGS ❤

I hope your training is going well (Don’t forget to use your Charity miles app when you hit the trails) and don’t forget to be exhilarated out there….

P.S. If you haven’t watched This is us, please run to your T.V. and binge watch it…..it’s the best show EVER! Incredible story about life, struggles, family, the connections around us and hope.

P.S.S.This song makes me happy….and think of family…it’s called ‘Watch me’, by Labi Siffre….maybe someday I’ll be able to strum those chords on my Luna….until then I hear this song as I watch my kids grow before my eyes….

Enjoy & soak up that Sunshine my friends…..see you on the trails… xoxoxo

Krista 🙂


Running ‘on top of the world’ trail





4 thoughts on “Happiness on the trails with a side order of wind……

  1. Thanks for the Netflix recommendation – I’m definitely going to check that out! Also, I love that you and your husband enjoy running together so much. I was so thrilled when my husband began running with me because I enjoy spending that time being goofy with him as well – we always end up laughing half the time just being out there together. 🙂

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