Cross-Training…group fun and long runs…..

“With self-discipline, all things are possible.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

After my running setback in January, I learned a lot about my personal training.  Don’t over do it! Period. Expand your horizons.  It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to run all the time, but learning to balance your training is key.  After the big dumping of snow we got on Tuesday from Stella2017, we got out to do some snowshoeing in the deep powder up at Ascutney Trails.  Wow!  What a workout….what I like about snowshoeing is you get the intense training, without the pounding on your feet and joints.  I realized even more how much my body needs to heal and recoup after each run.  Below I found a great chart on the calories burned while snowshoeing.  I don’t have the running snowshoes, so I fell into the walking in hilly powder category, but without poles.  I really enjoyed it, if you have snow near you, it’s a great asset to add to your training program.


Running with friends is WAY more fun…so grab a buddy or four and head out….Saturday, we got the chance to meet up at our house and venture out for a 6+ miler with great friends.  I love the chatting, catching up, and hearing about friends upcoming races.  So excited for vttrailgirl, who is heading out for her 100 miler at Umstead in a few weeks….pumped to hear all about it.  After running we shared a yummy breakfast spread, catching up more with each others lives and reminiscing about funny stories of days gone by.  Can’t wait for the next group run, I heard there may be chili!!! 🙂


Brownsville Runners…happy to running again with these great peeps!  Missing a few who hope to join in soon….


Today I finally got my longest run in to date since my injury in January…. 17.4 miles!!!  Feeling like this whole 100 adventure may be back on track. Before our run we used Fully Charged, a pre exercise Ignitor from Hammer Nutrition.  It’s said to help increase energy and endurance, aid in reducing fatigue, promote mental alertness, help alleviate muscle soreness and provide antioxidant support. It had a very mild cherry taste and went down easily.  I felt it would be a great chance to try it on my longer run.  We followed the directions and drank 8 oz of it before we hit the road….  Hubs and I started out from our house en route for a 8.5 mile loop.  It’s great if you have multiple loops from your home, where you can run back to and create a”mock” aid station to start and train your body to eat and rehydrate.  We started out in thicker jackets, it was chilly, but the sun was lovely.  Any direction we start from our house is always uphill, so up we went, chipping away at the miles.  I went through one 17 oz bottle of lemon Tailwind and felt great, no weirdness in my stomach from the Fully Charged, phew!  We descended down into our “aid station”…grabbing our prefilled bottles of Tailwind (this time Mandarin Orange)  and bonk breaker bars and headed back out…only staying for a few minutes.  Our next loop was about 9 miles (we ditched the jackets and ran in long sleeve tech shirts)…more uphill…but we ate our bars as we climbed….leaving an “aid station” is always a little bit of a letdown, but as the bars hit our stomachs, the energy was coming back. I knew I’d burn about 2000 calories, so I was making sure to refuel enough. (hubs had played in a basketball tourney yesterday so he was running on tired legs, he’s such a stud!)


a little smooch mid run…

This is one of the most beautiful roads we run on, with Mt. Ascutney in view… we knew we had about 5 miles till home.  A little voice in my head said…”you’d still have about 88 miles to go in the 100″…oh boy…..”shhh miss negative nelly”…”ahhh sunshine and kisses..much better” The last miles ticked by, our legs and body finding our groove….coasting into home.  I couldn’t be happier about how I felt, my ankle felt and my stomach felt on this run.  The next two days will be rest days for me, very important days on the training schedule….remember that.

Overall, great training for the week…a night run, snowshoeing, group run, core and long run…..happy girl….


running down a dream…..



Hubs enjoying the fresh powder…..


heading to mile long field………

I hope your week of training went well.  Happy Spring BTW……Anyone out there going to the Runamuck 50K?  Hope to see ya there, less than 3 weeks!…..happy training..

See ya on the trails…. xoxoxoxoxo

Krista 🙂

Ready for the VT 50k!! One can hope!!

In ten days, I’ll be joined by hundreds of runners and mountain bikers who will be meandering down the picturesque trails of Vermont for the VT 50!!!  What a beautiful state we live in, especially in the Fall!! It’s been a great summer of training for me and my hubby, Guy. He recently finished the VT 100, so this will seem like a walk in the park, right? Haha, all kidding aside, any distance of running, whether it be a mile to 100+ miles, is still a feat!! We have a great group of runners in town that we are blessed to share training with. What an eclectic group we are; from all ages, running styles, and different goals. We come together to train, share ideas of what works and doesn’t, races we’d like to do, food, kid/spouse topics, vent from time to time.. you name it….we’ve probably talked about it. Sometimes I feel like I have the Wikipedia out there with me!! I feel blessed to have these great people in my life, miles seem to fly by when you are chatting with new and old friends. Our numbers swell at times and decrease when life gets busy, but we all know we are there if someone needs a running buddy! I feel having a spouse, partner, friend, your kiddo, or someone to motivate you is a blessing. You feel accountable, like.. and so is waiting for me to run, I better get going to meet him or her! Can really be applied to whatever sport you enjoy!

Brownsville Runners

Brownsville Runners

This year I’m pumped to be running the 50k with my good friend Carrie. This is her first, she has done numerous marathons, the Ragnar relay and too many to count endurance rides on horseback (our other passion we do together). We’ve finished great training runs, pushing each other, but mostly just enjoying the chatter, and beauty around us. She is a talented runner who will do great at her VT 50k debut! Go Carrie!! Next year…we battle the 50??? Hint, hint!

My friend Carrie and I on a 22 mile training run...getting ready for the 2014 VT 50k

My friend Carrie and I on a 22 mile training run…getting ready for the 2014 VT 50k

My hubby, Guy is probably my biggest supporter, besides my kiddos, he makes me feel confident in anything I put my mind to. I think back to 2011, when I finished my one and only VT 50…I do want to try another, even though I swore my distance is the 50k, emphasize on K!! I finished with 6 minutes to spare on my 12 hour cutoff time. My funniest memory was (it wasn’t funny at the time) when Guy heard whimpering behind him…!! I was in the throes of nausea and exhaustion and feeling the pressure of the clock! He looked back briefly and said “…we got this, only five more miles (which felt like an eternity to me) foot in front of  the other.” I cursed in my head, wishing I could hop on a mountain bike, on the downhills only…I don’t know how people bike in those hills!!! I put my head down and pumped my arms, pretty much saying, ” I think I can, I think I can!” Guy said he didn’t want to hug me or put his arms around me, for fear I’d crumble…which I may have, right there on the trail. Sometimes a little pity parade is ok, right? Thank you Guy for always being there and sharing this beautiful life with me…you are my hero..from a non-runner to ultra marathon man in less than five years, you are amazing!!!!!!! I love you babe..

Finishing the VT 50 with my hubby, Guy (he's also my HERO)

Finishing the VT 50 with my hubby, Guy (he’s also my HERO)

Wish me and my friends luck, ten days and counting…..