Find your inner kid……

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.”

~Walt Disney


Fresh snow.   How does it make you feel? Do you love or hate the white stuff that falls from the sky?  I used to be a curmudgeon about winter, dreaded it actually…until I took up running.  Running has brought out the inner kid in me, a sort of release of emotions.  It’s amazing how the mind works and how your perspective changes as you grow older.     I’ve learned a lot about myself through my running.  Running has given me the freedom to feel good in my own skin, to be true to myself, and to never give up.


I love how a run can totally change how you feel in that moment.  Maybe you’re having a bad day, feeling down or anxious, or things are piling up and you feel a bit lost.  The moment you lace your shoes up, something happens to your mind and you let things go.  You focus on your breath, your stride and rhythm, the sound of your cadence.  I lOVE this feeling.  It grounds me, keeps me focused on what I love to do, what I’m ABLE to do.  I’m so happy to have found this release, to have found this sport that has changed my mind, body and soul for the good.


our first snow of the season……how lucky are we to see the different seasons….

Has running helped you cope?  Do you feel a change in your soul after a run?  I hope you get out there and enjoy any sport or hobby that brings you joy and gives you that “inner kid” happiness again.  I’ve also learned a lot from my own two boys about living in the moment, being your true self and finding joy in the smallest things (Boys…I truly love our EPIC football games in the yard, the snow has added an extra element of surprise to field.. ..thanks for teaching me the game you both love so much!!!!!)

…. who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again??  I know I do!!!!!

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season……….looking forward to the adventures that await us all in 2018!!!!!!! Find your inner kid……… 🙂 🙂



jump for joy………finding my inner kid 🙂


Happy Trails………keep inspiring and be kind to each other……… see ya on the trails…..

Krista xoxoxoxo


Spreading hope………

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

~Christopher Reeve


Hope…what does this word mean to you? To me, it means life.  There is so much hurt in the world right now, you can’t even turn on the news without seeing another mass shooting or a natural disaster.  The sadness can bog you down.  I keep telling myself… hope is what makes the future bright, hope is what keeps us all moving forward, hope is life.

Many of you know how much passion of have for Run Far and their mission.  For those of you who don’t,  Run Far is an non-profit organization based in Prescott, AZ, who are raising awareness about veteran suicide and PTSD while providing scholarships to the children of fallen United States Military service members that have taken their own life.

We believe that the brave men and women who have protected our country respectfully deserve to have their families protected as well. Through the Sergeant Sean Northcutt Scholarship, we will provide educational benefits to the children of these fallen service members who have lost the battle at home. 

This above statement (taken from the Run Far website) is what Run Far stands for….the kids. It’s all about the kids.  As I’m out on my runs, not only are my kids on my mind, but those of our fallen veterans too. I think about them often.  It gives me purpose on my runs, pushing me harder.  It gives me hope knowing that there are so many amazing people out there spreading the same message for one cause.  It makes me smile knowing there’s a team of remarkable people coming together to make a change.  If we can give hope to these children through an educational scholarship, imagine what the future holds for them.  They will know they are not forgotten and know that someone out there really cares.  So when the world gets you down, do something to change it.  Be the voice for someone else……

If you want to get involved with Run Far, give me a shout!  There are many ways to help support Run Far and the children. First, through donations.  Every little bit helps, a dollar here or there can really add up….. 100% of the donations go directly to the Sergeant Sean Northcutt Scholarship fund.  Second, Run Far sells some pretty sweet hats and shirts, again with all proceeds going to the scholarship.   Third, my company, Red Horse and Co. sells a beautiful RWB Run Far bracelet , with 50% of the proceeds going directly to Run Far.

Our local running club, Brownsville Runners are going to be organizing a stellar 6 hour race here in the beautiful hills of VT in 2018.  ALL proceeds will go directly to Run Far…..I hope you can come join us to race, volunteer, cheer runners on, and spread Run Far’s message and love…… stay tuned for more details…….we are super excited for this!!IMG_3339

These are just a few ways to help, the possibilities are endless.  Follow Run Far on IG to see what they’re up to, and of course check out the Run Far website.  It’s a great way to stay informed on the latest Run Far news……

I leave you with this beautiful video of the Founder of Run Far, CJ Schneider III…’s inspiring, uplifting and brings hope.  No matter what you do in life, make sure you live life to the fullest………even in the darkest of times……there’s always hope……


Looking forward to meeting a lot of my Run Far teammates in AZ in a few short weeks at the Javelina Jundred.   We will be sharing our love of  running and of Run Far with so many incredible runners.  I’m truly excited to meet everyone and inspire more people to become a voice for these kids…….

Happy trails & keep inspiring……

Krista xoxoxo