Running…oh, how I’ve missed you……

"A run begins the moment you forget you are running." 


Think about this quote…Have you ever gone for a run, and truly forgot you were running?? I have, it’s wonderful. I hope you have experienced this too…. it’s an incredible feeling when you forget your worries, let your guard down, halt the nagging voice, let go of the rat race of life and just purely enjoy the sound of your feet along the road, the sun on your face and smell and sounds of the forest around you.

I was out for my first “real” run back since my tendon/ankle injury.  It was a haunting, foggy morning in the hills of VT, and I was so thankful to be in the moment. Something I’m personally working on everyday. Staying in the MOMENT.   Running has a way of releasing negativity, building confidence and achieving pure bliss if you let the emotion of it take over.  Thinking back to my high school cross-country team, I don’t ever think I felt the above quote…maybe I was too young, or too naive to understand the true impact running can have on a person.  I loved my team, my coach, but I didn’t LOVE running.  It took me years to grasp the lure running can have on a person.  It provokes this inner fire in me, a zest for adventure and provides hope.  I feel at peace when I run, I feel comfort, but most importantly, I just FEEL.

I’m happy to be running again, but I’m taking it slow.  I don’t want to risk re-injury.   Just being away from it for six weeks was hard enough. I think when you are detached from something you love, it’s that much sweeter when it returns to you.  I feel complete out there, like I’ve found my way home.


Out on the trails…my happy place….

P.S. Spring is right around the corner….can I get an AMEN!!!

Wishing you the best in your training and in life………see you on the trails xoxo

krista 🙂



4 thoughts on “Running…oh, how I’ve missed you……

  1. Hooray! I am so happy you are able to run again! I agree – running is one of the few times I can simply just “be”. A good run is all I need to turn a bad day into an amazing one.

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