What lies ahead……and a few peeks back at 2016..

“When you bring peace to your past, you can move forward to your future”


The sky’s the limit!!! I’m wearing the INKnBURN Ascent Tech shirt and Cable knit Capris.  

This past year was one of “finally letting go” of my injury…… Letting go is a powerful thing.  It’s allowed me to really focus on my future.  Like the above quote, until you bring peace to your past, whether it’s an illness/injury, bad relationship, work woes, or other issues in your life, you can never really focus on what is right in front of you or what is ahead of you.  Goodbye past….. hello 2017….

If you’ve been following me, I haven’t written in a while, which seems to be a theme.  I just finished writing my brief write-up on Iceland (That trip was in AUGUST!).  I could have written pages and pages, but I’m hoping I gave you a glimpse of what lies in Iceland for you.  Perhaps you are ready to make your own memories there or somewhere that speaks to you.  If you need any help or have any questions, I’d be happy to assist.

I’m looking ahead to goals for 2017…I would love to blog more.  Writing is very freeing  for me and if I can inspire just one person to “get up and get out” and explore what’s around them, then amen! Most of you know my big goal for 2017…is the VT 100.. YIPPEE!!! I’ve written about this before, because I believe that if you want something bad enough, talking about it keeps you focused.


Here’s the sticker I bought from ULTRASTICKS, I’m hoping this baby will have a home on my car in JULY!

I was so elated in December to become an Ambassador for INKnBURN.  I’ve been running in their incredible tech wear since this past Fall. I was so in love with the company, that I decided to give it a chance and send in my application along  with tons of other INKnBURN addicts 😉 I’m glad they gave me a shot at promoting their clothing.  I love carrying my iPhone for mini photo shoots on my runs (love when my hubs joins in on the fun, he’s a great sport)  All their clothing is 100 mile tested and I love how happy I feel wearing it. There is no chafing, rubbing, riding up or down.  The Dry I.C.E. fabric wicks away moisture and keeps me super cool on my long run.  I love the design of their pockets, it easily holds my iPhone and that eliminates me wearing the dreaded running belt 🙂  I’m so happy to finally have figured out my running attire, shorts/capris that finally stay put and don’t cut off the circulation around my stomach… check them out at www.inknburn.com.  Stand out in the crowd!!!


Here my hub is sporting the Phoenix tech shirt. It’s inspired by the mythological bird that recycles its own life.  It ignites itself into a magnificent fire, only to reemerge from its own ashes, reborn, renewed and very much alive.  The colors of this shirt are brilliant!!!

I was super stoked to connect with an incredible runner/blogger who is also training for her first 100 miler.  The funny story is that we’ve already met at last years VT 100 while standing in the Porta Potty line waiting for our runners.  We started chatting about running and horses and donkeys, it was like we were long-lost friends…who knew months later we’d reconnect via Instagram!  Be sure to follow her at Irideandrun She’s got some amazing tips on running and sweet adventures to follow!

An App I found that is incredible is called Charity Miles .  For every mile you run or walk, Charity Miles Sponsor will donate .25 to your charity of choice. Why not help others while you are doing something you love?   After I finish lacing up, I choose from 30 charities that I’d like to donate to, click the app on and I’m off and running. The GPS in the app keeps track of my mileage and they do the rest! Today I ran for the Wounded Warriors Project.  It really puts the focus on someone other than yourself when you run………..

I’m currently reading “Running on Empty” by Marshall Ulrich.  He’s a hoot, logging in over 3,063 miles across our great nation.  This guy is a true beast. Check his book out here…. Running on Empty. I find myself laughing and crying about his life story, so much living here!

I’m on day 3 of the Winter Warrior Challenge!!!! You must run everyday outside for the whole month of January! BRRRR….. I’ve logged 22.14 miles in so far!  I’m excited to see how I’ll feel after running that many days in a row, I’ve never run more than 3-4 days consecutively, so my body will be wondering, WTH is going on??? HMMMMM Check back in later to see how I’m doing! 🙂

Lastly, I’m so impressed with my Yaktrax I bought for winter running.  I’ve run twice in them so far and wow!!! No Slipping!!! My first run with them was on glare ice, there would have been No way in heck that I could have even stood up on the roads, let alone Run!  Today was my second day in them, I felt I could relax on the down hills and let my stride out, without feeling like I’d fall at any given moment.  I feel they are reasonably priced and give me piece of mind while running in icy conditions.


My Yaktrax’s and super cool Cable Knit Capris by INKnBurn


My hubs Yaktrax’s in action and Turkey tracks 🙂


I ran into Frosty on my run today! I love the surprises around every bend in the road….Round bale frosty, only in VT!

Until next time……happy trails!!

xoxoxo, Krista

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