Like being on a Different planet….

This pretty much sums up being in Iceland for me…You feel as though you’ve boarded a space ship and landed on a different planet.  After spending 11 days in Iceland with my husband and two boys for my 40th this past August, we compared it to Mars several times, and numerous times referred to it as “Cold Kauai “(lots of similar sceneries, but much colder).  Rugged, was the official word used throughout our vacation… The kids began to joke about the word, as I seemed to use it around every bend in the road or every trail we ventured on to find waterfalls….”This land is so rugged”


Waterfall way….

I had been dreaming of Iceland for many years, which is odd, because I’m generally not someone who wants to jet off to a cooler climate, but I do have such angst to see raw, natural beauty at its finest, hence Iceland …After doing tons and tons of research online, via Facebook and Instagram and Bloggers and my BFF (who has been twice) we decided that we’d do the unconventional (not drive the ring road) route and settle in Hellulandar, the valley right behind Geyser.  We wanted a home base to come back to each night, to cook occasionally, play cards (Scum is the best family card game.  We learned from a group of pilgrims we met while we were walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain)  We are not the typical type of travelers that like to have everything planned to a “T”.  We like to “wing it” as we say.  We knew the areas we wanted to venture out to and where our days trips may take us.  The only three places we booked ahead of time were the Blue Lagoon (a must book ahead if you plan on getting the day and time you want, and no it didn’t feel crowded, the place is HUGE) horseback riding in the north ( in Cowboy valley) and white water rafting (Hestsport took great care of us on the rafting and horseback riding) …All three must do’s in Iceland.


Blue Lagoon…a must see


Secret Falls we had all to ourselves…..


Searching for the pot of gold in Iceland


Walking the 4k to the DC-3 plane that crashed in the 70’s (all survived) on Solheimasandur black sand beach


Waterfall way….my most favorite hike in the world!

But for me and my family, Water Fall way was the highlight.  We still relish in the  beauty, power and peacefulness of this almost 16k out and back trek from Skogafoss to the bridge.  The bridge crosses you over the Skoga River to Porsmork .  We were treated to 22 waterfalls, each so different and majestic in their own way.  I had to pinch myself, I felt as though I was in the middle of the most incredible dream. We now have a beautiful canvas print of a moment in time there above our piano…..makes me smile everytime I see it.

We wandered, played, splashed in its thermal pools and just truly enjoyed this beautiful country and all it had to offer.  It was a nice change to stop and truly be in the moment.

Iceland is only a short hop from the East Coast.  If you are planning your next adventure, give Iceland a shot…it won’t disappoint. I truly can’t wait to go back….one of my most favorite places on the planet….

Happy Adventuring….xoxoxo



My birthday wish was to ride with my three boys…Jase’s first time ever being on a horse. We had wonderful, quiet Icelandic horses that took the best care of us..


2 thoughts on “Like being on a Different planet….

  1. That looks like an amazing trip, and I love the photos. Waterfall Way looks like something out of a fairytale! Did you do the Camino de Santiago with your kids? It’s on our bucket list, but I’m thinking my girls likely need a few more years before they’re ready to handle 500 miles. 🙂


    1. Tamra! It really was like being in a fairy tale!!! If you want some tips, let me know….Iceland doesn’t disappoint…
      Yes, we did the last 116k, from Sarria to Santiago Spain…my boys were 9 & 11 🙂 in 8 years we are doing the full walk 🙂 life changing…one of our favorite holidays…


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