All in the Family….


At the finish of the Salomon Trail Running Festival at Pinelands 25K

We just love visiting Maine, who doesn’t??…the ocean, sea salt air, fresh seafood, sand…and Running!! The Salomon Trail Running Festival at Pinelands is such a great race.  It has many distances to choose from, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, and 50 miler.  My boys and I entered the 25k this year, the track is rolling hills, wide beautiful trails and open meadows.  The aid stations are jammed packed with all sorts of fuel, sandwiches, chips, cookies, etc.  My boys especially loved the Swedish fish, stashing them away in their pockets as they ran by.  What I love about these races, and I use the term races loosely, because you set your own pace; is because it’s a leisurely hike through the woods with lots of people and food around. We take the time to chat, eat, take pics, and to enjoy.  I think it’s a great experience for kids, they’re outdoors, not in front of a screen…. the environment around is constantly teaching them.  I feel running is a great outlet for kids, they can get some energy out, feel good about themselves, and have a sense of pride for taking on a challenge.  My boys don’t do tons of races a year, usually Pinelands is the only “bigger one” with a few 5k’s sprinkled in.  They love so many other things in life too, such as golfing, basketball and swimming in the pond.  I think it’s great to inspire your kids to set goals that they can see develop right before them, give them courage to try something new.  It’s also a great family activity, lace up your shoes together, grab a water bottle and head out onto the trails near you…


Jase finishing the 25k, proud mama behind him!!


Justin cruising along the trails….looking great!!


After we finished, we ate, grabbed our goodies of Darn Tough socks (A main reason I sign up for this race, my amazing free socks I get at the finish!!!) water bottles, and the famous cow bell.  The kids played and ran around while we waited for Guy and friends to finish the 50. He looked great all day!!  This is such a great training run for the Vermont 100 in July.  I love that we all run together and that we are blessed to be able to……..Get up and get out there! Inspire each other!! See you on the trails….xo



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