A Fresh Start……


Training run with my hubby on the beautiful roads in VT

Some time has passed since I’ve sat down and blogged. It’s been quite a year, and it’s hard to believe how much I’ve changed as a human being during it. I’ll always be feisty, but I’ve evolved in the way that I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been, calmer, more at peace. Not to say I don’t get stressed, worried, scared or intense at times, but I’m starting to learn to slow down, breathe and enjoy the little things in life. It’s so cliche, but life flies by us so fast, that stopping and truly smelling the roses is something I’m grateful to be doing.

Since my last post, I’ve undergone two more surgeries on my elbow. One to release the joint from all the scar tissue that had formed (and I’ve been informed from my surgeon, that I grow an insane amount of it) and another after my elbow re-fractured in two places after the capsule release, most likely in one of my numerous braces that I was in.  January and February were tough months to be honest, because having three surgeries in ten months is taxing on the body, mind and soul.  At a particular low point in January, my husband wrote me the most positive, beautiful letter that I’ve ever read. I cried, laughed, and felt hope come back as I read it.  He wrote about numerous people who had overcame injuries and illnesses that seemed far worse than my shattered elbow.  The one person who seemed to resonate with me was Janine Shepard.  She was in a horrific accident in her 20’s and ended up writing a book called “Never Tell me Never”.  I couldn’t put the book down, and I’m forever grateful to her to have the courage to share her story with others.  I highly recommend it and am excited that she has a memoir coming out this fall.

IMG_0364 3

Never give up! Healing this arm day by day..

I’m excited to be running again. I’m shooting for the VT 50 in the Fall, as someday, I’d love to qualify to run the VT 100.  I’ve ridden it eight times on my horses, and would love to someday join the ranks of the toughest guys and chicks around.  This weekend is the Pinelands Running Festival in Maine and I’m beyond excited to be running the 25k with my best friend, Julie and our 4 kiddos.  My hubby and numerous running buddies will be tackling the 50!! It will truly be a beautiful day in the woods spent chatting, running, eating and enjoying each others company.

I guess if I can say anything about this past year, it would be that I’ve become more compassionate and I’m getting closer to “full circle “in my mental healing, as I’m the one encouraging others in their dark times.  I really couldn’t grasp that this winter, that I could be smiling again and seeing true joy around me.  Injuries are tough, especially the ones that really knock you on your ass, but they do have a way of making you tougher, more resilient, and kinder. You understand what it truly means to endure.  I’m going to be kind to myself and allow my love of horses to creep back in once the fear has left, as the the Japanese Proverb says, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows”.

I’ve been fortunate to have Egalite join our farm…he’s a beautiful, seven year old Arabian gelding.  I feel a strong connection to him already, and hope he will give me the courage to ride again and dissolve my fears.



I look forward to see what the summer brings us……remember to be kind to yourself, to others and our beautiful world around us…it’s all we got.


Get your run on…


10 thoughts on “A Fresh Start……

  1. I think about you often. Am glad to read that you are healing physically, mentally and spiritually. You have been through so much yet find so much yo ne positive about and remain at peace; You are my hero and my inspiration when I doubt my ability or my courage. Take care and keep blogging. Love to hear from you.

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    1. Thank you April!! Miss you!! Thanks so much for your kind and uplifting words!! It’s nice to know I can inspire people out there in this great big world!! Can’t wait to join the trails with you on the back of my horse …hope I see you this summer!! Keep in touch, hugs always ~k xo


  2. I was just thinking of you last weekend at the Vermont City Marathon (I always would see you and Guy running!)! Life takes us on so many journeys, it sounds like your accident has changed you to look at life different (in a positive way!). I couldn’t agree more that we all need to slow down…..its so easy to get caught up in the chaos. All the best to you and your family!

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    1. Thanks Meredith!! I know, slowing down and appreciating the little things is key…and breathing!! Hoping you stayed cool at the marathon, heard it was brutal…keep on running and best to you and your family always… xo


  3. I wish you all the best in your new journey! I don’t quite feel all the pain you’ve been through but have had my share in the past 6 months as well!
    It feels wonderful to be able to move on past that physical pain, get out of your brain & move on. I certainly understand so of where you are there.
    Keep on trucking! That’s all we can do in life! And help others move forward as well!


  4. If you have the will then you will find the way.
    Sometimes we get lost in the life we live with all the ups and downs and I know the downs can certainly outnumber the ups.
    So I’m very excited to see you moving on and getting stronger by the day.
    May the road you follow continue up with that wonderful family supporting you all the way.
    I’m going to be following you and be ever so proud to say that’s my friend.

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  5. Always thinking about you Krista, and love the bond we have. You are incredibly brave and have been through so much; I feel like the old you is back, only better!! it’s a good reminder to enjoy every minute because we don’t know what’s around the corner and there’s so much beauty to take advantage of in Vermont. I’ll see you soon. Big hugs xow;

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  6. Awww, Wendy! Yes a great bond….I am feeling braver and more at peace everyday …life has a way of carving different paths for us, and I’m loving the path I’m starting down…the darkness is becoming lighter ahead! So blessed to live in the beautiful state that we do!! 802 all the way….Come down for a swim sometime!! Miss ya chica xo


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