Get up, get out there!!!

First, I’ll start out by telling you a bit about myself. Could be redundant to people who know me…sorry about that 😉

Get up, get out there!

Get up, get out there!

I’m 38 years old, wow… time truly flies!!  I’m married to my high school sweetheart and have two amazing boys. I own my own business, allowing me to work out of our home and be there for our two boys . I enjoy endurance riding (on my horse) and ultra running. The two are very similar, yet the running makes me use my own two legs..eek!

Get your kids out with you!!

Get out there with your kids!!

Trails around our town..

Trails around our town..

I was a x-country runner in high school, but never had the inner fire for it. I had my second epiphany (my first, we’ll get to that later) last Saturday while running in the hills of VT with my hubby, boys and friends….Running w

Getting some beach time after walking 110k on the camino de Santiago

Getting some beach time after walking 110k on the camino de Santiago

All smiles

All smiles.. 78.1k to go..are we there yet?!

ith your kids is such a NATURAL high, one that will boost your energy all day! I was on cloud nine! Seeing their faces light up with each turn of the trail, chatting with their friends, gulping from their camelbaks, and maneuvering over roots and rocks, I soon realized how much I ENJOY running, especially with them!!
Our family’s philosophy since the beginning has been, where ever the journey leads, the kids will come to! We had a great family bonding experience on the Camino de Santiago in Spain this past April. What an epic journey!!! I hope one that many will go and do. 110 kilometers of walking over a six day period with our two boys was my first epiphany, MAGICAL,  really!! Carrying all your belongings on your back was actually freeing!! Even our boys carried their own packs. There were few kids on the walk, making our boys quite the celebrities. We ended our spiritual journey in Finesterre, the western most point in Spain, actually Europe for that matter. Watching my three boys frolic in the ocean gave me enough peace for a lifetime!!

So get up, make a difference in your life and your kids…it’s a memory they will never forget!! You either 😉

Until next time…..

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